Russell Davey

Writer and blogger


Hi! I’m Russell, but if you’re here, you already knew that.

I graduated from Marist College with a degree in communications, and concentrations in sports communication and public relations.

I’ve held two marketing internships and a job in sports promotions. I’ve written for Hardwood Houdini, Social Media Explorer, FanSided Entertainment, and The Circle, Marist’s school newspaper. Among my many passions are writing, sports marketing, social media, and lip syncing

I love writing, especially about sports. I’m not big into stats and all the technical aspects of the game, but rather the atmosphere of the game- which plays mattered the most and why, the turning points of the game, the most impactful players of the game. For me, it’s not always about the game, but the people who are the driving forces behind our enjoyment of the game. It’s safe to say that features are my niche, because I find it both easy and enjoyable to flesh out the characters with as much detail as possible and make the story as immersive as I can for the readers.

I recently discovered that I don’t only excel at writing copy, I have a lot of fun writing copy. I love the idea that my words and my thoughts have the power to influence the audience.

Writing, for me, is the best, and only, way I know to fully express my personality, creativity, and wit.

Outside of academia and the work world, I’ve been playing volleyball since 8th grade, and have been involved in improv comedy since my freshman year of high school. I’m a big fan of Boston sports, despite living an hour from NYC. I’m outgoing, competitive, and honest- all three almost to a fault.

You’ll probably never beat me in Monopoly, Scrabble, or Pictionary. I wish I was born in the 60s so I could grow up listening to my favorite bands live and watching my favorite movies as they were released. Curious about my favorites? Just ask!

I have a more-than-mild obsession with superhero pop culture, I can quote Seinfeld like it’s my job, I wish I was on How I Met Your Mother, and Kanye West is my favorite musical artist of all time (much to the chagrin of my friends). Oh, and I truly believe I can make it as a movie/TV critic, due to my sheer honesty and the unparalleled amount of time I spend on Netflix.

In my free time you can find me hiking, working out, quoting TV shows, or putting peanut butter on any food I can. My self-esteem revolves entirely around my social media reputation, so follow me on Instagram (russell_the_muscle) and Twitter (@bRussellSproutt). Please.