Originally appeared on FanSided Entertainment

You and Dick Van Dyke can still go fly a kite at Walt Disney World, but you can’t get high as one.

In news that is surprising only because you probably thought it already happened, the park has banned all forms of marijuana on its grounds.

This is bad news if you are:

a) a high-strung parent with equally high-strung kids who will do anything to get through the day

b) one of the high-strung cast members who puts on a costume every day who will do anything to get through the day

c) a fun-loving park guest who just wants to get a little Goofy and enjoy his day

d) people with prescriptions for medical marijuana

Yes, even those folks who consider the substance a bare necessity will have to let it go before entering the park.  Even though medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, it is not legal within the confines of Walt Disney World. Now, here’s where things can get tricky.

Matt Morgan, one of the attorneys who helped pass Amendment 2 last November, brought up a good point regarding the search of belongings in an interview with NBC 6 South Florida.

To the extent that they’d go through someone’s personal belongings to search for that, I think that’s when the public might start having an issue with it. All businesses are going to have to adapt and amend with society as this issue plays out.

Additionally, it is unclear what constitutes medical marijuana. The substance can come in the form of an oil, a tonic or a vaporizer. The park still has some logistics to work out, it seems. However, the change is already official on the Park Rules and Regulations page on the website, under the “Prohibited Items” section.

Bottom line? Don’t expect to see Mary Jane Poppins wandering the park grounds anytime soon.