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If you’re anything like me, you may or may not have cried during the Psych finale three years ago.

And you may or may not have cried when Netflix heartlessly removed Psych. Okay, I definitely didn’t cry when Netflix heartlessly removed it.

I did, however have to tell myself to …

Psych was, and still is, a near-perfect show. It truly had it all: dry humor, slapstick humor, running gags, drama, romance, strong character development, and even Curt Smith from Tears for Fears! Why other USA shows like Burn Notice, White Collar and Royal Pains still remain is a question that may never be answered. Don’t get me wrong, those are all quality shows as well. They don’t quite live up to Psych‘s quirkiness and timelessness.

If you love Psych as much as I do, and even if you don’t, you’ll be pleased to hear that the cast is reuniting for Psych: The Movie, a two-hour holiday special that will air on USA this December.

Naturally, James Roday and Dule Hill will return to play lovable goofball Shawn Spencer and his comic foil Ovaltine Jenkins… Methuselah Honeysuckle… MC Clap Yo Handz… Burton Guster. The news just gets better, though. The entire starring cast is returning as well. Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen and Kirsten Nelson will all come back for Psych: The Movie, which takes place three years after the series finale. It’ll be exciting to see how Shawn and Juliet’s relationship has progressed and how Gus is doing without the agency (or Shawn for that matter) in his life all the time.

All we know about the movie at this time, as Variety reported, is that “the friends, along with some returning fan-favorite characters, come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.”

One can only hope those fan-favorites include Tears for Fears frontman Curt Smith playing himself and Shawn’s man-crush, art thief Pierre Despereaux.

Although Psych: The Movie doesn’t air for another seven months and we can’t tide ourselves over with Netflix binging, this news alone is:

Psych: The Movie goes into production on May 24, and will air on USA Network in December with show creator Steve Franks set to direct.